Whats that you hide behind your PILE of shit ?

I like my women like I like my graphic media: Organized, categorized and thumb nailed.

PLEASE NOTE: As for the research chemical propaganda . . I strongly influence fact based knowledge to be spread and digested by as many persons as possible. However, I reinstate my stands on the spread and digestion of the chemicals. Just like small fire arms I suggest you use with EXTREME CAUTION. Don't be a dumb fuck and get more of these fine substances SCHEDULED by the DEA.

"When DSSKCORP first hired the talents of Nella Ruhtra in 1997 they were impressed to say the least. On only a budget of $25,000 they created a stunning portfolio that made over two million excited clients buy into the newly formed company. Now with locations world wide and media marketing packages for any business, they are truly on top of their 'matrixal pyramids.' Working together for over 5 years and experiencing the world on a first class trip, DSSKCORP and Ruhtra are setting their sights even higher."
Robert Block, WSJ
CNNi - August 2002

Collection: Because We Can Tour '03
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Dated: Autumn 2003

Collection: rEpresent '98
Images Displayed: 3 Images Total: 6
Dated: Spring 1998

Collection: Connecting Your Digital Atrocities
Images Displayed: 2 Images Total: 5
Dated: 1998 - 1999

Collection: Illuminati LTD. [Rejected Series]
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Dated: Winter 2000

"You gotta do your work all the time ... The same kinda work, the same style -- over and over again, so people recognize it and don't get confused. Then, once you're famous, you have to keep doing it the same way, even after it's boring -- unless you want people to really get mad at you -- which they will anyway."
Benny Dalmau - (Basquiat | 1996)

"All of us here must realize something.. We are crossing boundaries that are not meant to be crossed. We are seeing and experiencing realities being crushed and renamed for the soul purpose of ego destruction. You are in the bands known as Delta. They wail for your presence. To be apart of this community is to know that this is your hallucination. Welcome, you are one of the many few. There is one very important thing to remember at all times: just because God is talking to you, doesn't mean he wants to see you."
Nella Ruhtra, Generation Soul Rot (short)

Collection: North American Ch3m Tour 2002
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Dated: 2001 - 2002

Collection: Stolen Ad Space
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Dated: Spring 2002

"Reality is confused with the stale stench of the 20th century - yet we continue to move on. Regroup and prepare for digitalis. We're going back to our roots. Establishing community.
This isn't of the norm. Maybe this doesn't even exist is their teeter tottering reality - But, for fucks sake, we are definitely setting the standards for them to live up to."

Nella Ruhtra, Digitalis Report: Book 03

Collection: Validity
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Dated: Summer 2002

Collection: many/few
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Dated: Winter 2000

Collection: Expect '02
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Dated: Spring 2002

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