nnnaaammm or New No New Age Advanced Ambeint Motor Music Machine

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"The future of music must not belong to the mediocre." Sasha K. - MDFMK era.
Lot’s of truth in a quote beautifully stated by a musical veteran who knows and has seen such events occur in the past. Fortunately enough we have a future to look forward to.
Truthfully I don’t really care what music you listen to and you shouldn’t give two shits about what I listen to. However, discussing music preference is (for some reason or another) mistaken as “intelligent” conversation. For reasons in which I am clueless, I get asked (often enough to bring it up) the kind of music my ears digest. Well, here are some bands that frequent my play lists. No more dumb questions for now on.
Please don’t think this is a section of vanity. It was originally created to answer the question stated. That and I listen to cooler music then you. .:n.

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