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Recent media: Archived. Selected pieces observed were created in 2004. All genre media: (DSSKCORP, RESEARCH CHEMICAL/PSYCHOACTIVE, IBIDEM/DIGITALIS).
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+ It's a "sooner the better" kind of situation we've put ourselves into. Now, let's get that whole “head out of our ass” thing taken care of!

Dress rehearsal for the inevitable.
+ If you ever forget my sunglasses before another meeting again, you’re fired. With you being my secretary I can very easily be connected with your death. Have this ever happen again I will terminate your life force. So delete that fucking smile off your face and go get the car.

"We’ve never been able to explain why DSSKCORP causes uneasiness around corporate peers and competitors. Guns pull their own triggers in our presence. We imitate habit as art.. instinct as art.. life-style as art. We lost the metaphysical concept of the norm ages ago. I personally can not formulate an excuse on behalf of my company for what happened earlier, but I do know those dirty mother fuckers got what was coming to them. I hope I don’t loose my job over that comment."

N. Ruhtra, Vice President of Public Relations – DSSKCORP.
(In reference to a question asked by BBC2 about the “pistol whipping” incident at the 2004 San Francisco RSA Computer Security conference between lower level DSSKCORP representatives and the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) panel.)

!b0g4!n3 in y0 BRAIN!@#
+ "It doesn't really matter whether you grip the arms of the dentist's chair or let your hands lie in your lap. The drill drills on." -- CS Lewis (A Grief Observed)

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+ sAve. pRint. p0st. BOOM! +
.. t o . i n f o r m ..

The TENDERLOIN is like a beach resort for people who don't like beach resorts.
+ "Going to trial with a lawyer who considers your whole life-style a Crime in Progress is not a happy prospect." -- Hunter S. Thompson

. . .
B4F1E0: naw 25 days aint that long
B4F1E0: take it as a compliment to your hardcore fiending
s1s73R: no, this is not good at all - fiending is one thing, withdrawl is a completely different fuckall
B4F1E0: you can't susbstitute junklust for ego and come out on top
B4F1E0: junk and chems are hoes, you gotta use em and lose em
s1s73R: my ego is sitting in a corner of my brain with a coldsweat trying to shake the chills with a loose stool
B4F1E0: the little children of the future are born with the shakes, we must fight for them and kill the world before we kill our selves
s1s73R: delete yourself - delete the scene ; hype and mediocrity . . whatever.
s1s73R: so hows is building roads in iraq going?

This is your cyber existence, and it’s ending one kilobyte at a time.
+ IBIDEM – the official homepage for minimalist existentialism. Details coming sometime, whenever.

Your not quite .mpg material, are you?
+ “If she doesn't come then forget it. Fucking a girl who won't come is like asking a question in a letter.” -- Bret Easton Ellis (The Rules of Attraction)

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